Big Country Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes

DOC Homes Big Country

DOC Homes Big Country believes you should be able to have the home of your dreams at an affordable price without compromising quality. The company’s team members are passionate about design, understanding their clients’ needs and objectives, and providing great service from start to finish. They help make it easy to start building your dream home today.

“We love having our model home where you can meet with us one on one as well as pick all your selections and finishes” Maegan said. The trio consist of Husband and wife duo Mason & Maegan Garner and Greg Teichelman. Greg oversees all the budgeting and ordering which is handy to have in house, so it gets done ASAP. He also handles the vendor relationships and purchasing. Mason ensures each build goes smoothly and efficiently. He enjoys being actively involved and being hands on from start to finish on every house. Maegan takes care of sales, specifications and selections.

DOC Homes Big Country focuses on about 25 houses per year. “That is a good number for us to be able to give our full attention and the attention to detail each house and its needs.” Mason said.

“We love seeing our customer’s ideas come to life when we do a custom build or customize on our own floor plans to work for them” Mason said. Customers find a WIDE selection of tried and true floor plans to look at for ideas, customize or tailor to work for them.
In their free time, Mason and Greg both enjoy hunting, fishing and all things outdoors. Outside of building Mason Breeds & Raises Show pigs at Underdog Genetics. He is very passionate about working with the youth and teaching them responsibility and the accountability that goes into raising and showing livestock. Mason is a firm believer of the Life lessons and values that can be taught from working with your hands.

Greg Teichelman & Mason & Maegan Garner