Big Country Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes

PLK Investments

After graduating from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Finance I jumped right into real estate investing. Growing up on a farm in Munday, Tx, I had the opportunity to do lots of wood working. Running a sawmill and building furniture; I try to incorporate that craftsmanship into all my houses.

By partnering with my parents, I was able to scrape together the capital to buy a house to remodel just after graduation. As you can imagine, there’s a huge learning curve on your first project, but after many late nights and YouTube videos it was finally completed. Having to do almost all the work myself with the help of friends and family, I naturally became familiar with most parts of the construction process.

I spent the next year and a half remodeling houses, as well as working odd jobs here and there to fund the next project. I was simply fascinated with the idea of buying a rental property and holding it long term for an investment. As I was looking for new projects to work on, I came across some new construction rental properties, specifically duplexes and multi-family properties. Not being able to resist the challenge and having remodeled plenty of houses I was confident to dive right in and build a duplex. Little did I know, the real learning curve was about to start. Being a new builder, not knowing any contractors was rather difficult, thankfully I have been able to find a few builders willing to give me advice and the names of contractors they liked. Now I have a great team of contractors that I love working with.

This is my first house in the parade of homes, it will showcase my signature craftsmanship and design. It will have a mesquite bar top, custom cabinets, instant hot water, and top-notch quality in every aspect.


Parker Finley