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Fake Your Way Through: Wedding Etiquette

By Brady Sloane Gone are the days of weddings taking place in a certain season, confined to a house of worship, and following pre-established traditions. Weddings have become creative and varied. They happen year round, at home, in far off places, over quiet weekends, or on national holidays. As you attend these celebrations of love […]

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A Glimpse in the Life of a Texas County Commissioner: Lyall Foster

Every so often, County Progress asks our distinguished Judges and Commissioners to allow us a glimpse into their public lives, giving us a fresh appreciation for the myriad of roles and responsibilities they shoulder every day. Our thanks to Childress County Commissioner Lyall Foster for taking the time to visit with us. HISTORY:           I […] Read more

I.T. Meets Oil: And Nothing Stays the Same

The oilfield’s IT revolution is streamlining operations and connecting the field with the back office like never before. These connections are changing the corporate culture for the better. by Paul Wiseman   For the better part of a century field personnel have been chastised and glared at, if not outright berated, by office personnel seeking […] Read more