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Western Heritage Weekend: An Event to Be Scene

Western Heritage Classic and the West Texas Fair and Rodeo are just two of the annual rodeo events hosted in Abilene.  For someone uninvolved with the Rodeo scene (like myself) it’s easy to be at a loss for how to navigate the topic. Covered in this issues’ Fake Your Way Through, Brady Sloane provides a […]

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Grimes County Strategic Plan

Citizen-Driven Sessions Help County Prioritize, Prepare for Growth  By Julie Anderson Editor  The content of the 2016 Grimes County Strategic Plan is a story within itself. The way in which the plan was developed is another story altogether, one that breathes life and optimism into the pages of the plan and balks against a too-familiar […] Read more

Seventy Years of Burmass History

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the introduction of the Burmass Directory. An article from a generation ago tells the tale of the directory, also known as the Bible of the Basin, and tells it better than any living individual could. Much has changed, and yet so much remains the same. The story of […] Read more