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Pets, Pictures and Peach Tea

One of Abilene’s most fun traditions is Art Walk. Gathering with the community downtown is definitely a pro to living in a smaller town. This month’s theme was “Dog Walk,” and a bunch of pooches and their owners gathered around for art, music and lots of wagging tails. It was awesome to see how many […]

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North & East Texas Association 2018-19

North & East Texas Association 2018-19 Officers Officers from left: Jason Brinkley, Paul Cothren, Sydney Brown Murphy, Rick Bailey and Byron Ryder. North & East Association Past Presidents’ Luncheon From left: Byron Underwood, Wes Suiter, Jerry Shamburger, Reggie Cotton, Ray Meadows, Tiger Worsham and John Thompson. From left: Charles Shofner, Robert Johnston, Bobbie Mitchell, Roger […] Read more


By Julie Anderson Imagine an intruder found a small hole through which to snake a video device into your home. Throughout the next week, the invader deftly wound the video probe through each room and closet of your house, finding valuables both large and small. Then, one day you left your travel plans in clear […] Read more