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Rising to the Occasion

On March 26, 2020, the City of Abilene and health officials from Hendrick Healthcare System announced the first positive test result for COVID-19 in Abilene. The COVID-19 coronavirus had cast its shadow over the community even earlier. Two weeks prior, as Spring Break concluded, public schools announced closure, first temporarily and later indefinitely. A disaster […]

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KEY CONCEPT: Regulating Traffic on County Roads

MAIN REFERENCE POINTS: Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 541-Chapter 545, Title 7, Subtitle C, “Rules of the Road,” also known as the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 251, Subchapter E, part of the County Road and Bridge Act TALKING POINTS: Title 7, Subtitle C of the Transportation Code (Uniform Act) states […]

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No Time to Back off Safety

As companies start recovering from the coronavirus debacle and the major downturn due to oil prices, the time has come to focus on rebuilding a sustainable business, especially in the field of safety. Some companies just continue to rebuild following the same philosophies and principles that have been carried on for years. It is a […]

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