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Abilene Spidey: A Friendly Neighborhood Hero

He flips, he jumps, he climbs, he lifts spirits, and sometimes he causes neck-twisting double-takes on the street. He’s Abilene Spidey and he’s on a mission to bring a little happiness into the lives of children, especially those who are hospitalized or have long term illnesses. Abilene Spidey’s alter ego, Chris Craig, knows a thing […]

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87th Texas Legislature: Special Session

Editor’s Note: Gov. Greg Abbott will be calling a special session to address redistricting and any other agenda items he chooses to include. The following Q&A is available in the Legislative Reference Library, Frequently asked questions about special sessions Does the Governor have to wait 20 days after the end of the regular session […]

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Finding a Balance

Beginning this January, the 87th Texas Legislature began with tremendous uncertainty for those who were sent to serve and those whom they serve. The ongoing effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and the vast impact on all economic sectors, including the Permian Basin oil and gas industry, loomed large as the session began. One thing […]

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