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A Place To Build: Abilene’s Maker Space

Benton Hanner was determined not to spend any money on his 5th grade roller coaster project. With recycled cardboard, foam and the use of a 3D printer, he successfully built a Star Wars-themed rollercoaster and paid “zero dollars” for it. Called “Into the Night,” this rollercoaster features a marble riding down a track supported by […]

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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension District Training Conferences

Ten Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Districts will offer in-service training for members of Commissioners Court during the months of October-December. The District sessions provide varying amounts of continuing education credits for County Commissioners; County Judges are also welcomed to attend. Application will be made to the County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas Commissioners Education […]

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From the inception of the oilfield, risk has been a part of the business. Most everyone agrees that the first oil well in the world was drilled by Colonel Edwin Drake in Pennsylvania in 1859, a whopping 21 meters in depth, which equals 68’ 10”. However, that is not the case—at least that well was […]

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