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Abilene Influencers: Trish Dressen

BACKGROUND & BIO Abilene is so much a part of Trish Dressen that it seems strange, even to her, that Abilene isn’t part of her address. She, her husband, Jeff, and their three children live in Buffalo Gap. Trish makes the short commute every morning to Abilene where she is the executive director of the […]

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Pause in Reverence

As the weeks have passed, we as county officials have been involved in things that most of us never could have imagined. As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, let us not forget one of the most important dates that we as Americans recognize each year: Memorial Day. For so many of us, there are […]

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H2S: Subtle But Deadly

Greetings and salutations my fellow safety enthusiasts. Another day and another dollar, if the oil price goes back up, lol. We’ve been through downturns before, and in all likelihood we will go through it again. I think this is the 7th downturn that I’ve experienced in my short 49 years in the Patch—give or take […]

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